Action Feedback

I asked some questions to the people who came to my action and they said that my action was enjoyable. They said that the dance movements should have been more easier but they had fun. Some said that I should have taught them before I did my action. All of them said that I did … [Read more…]

Action Reflection

Action Reflection My action was to make people dance so that they could prevent themselves from being obese. I did it at the theater so that I had a big space to teach and practice the dance. I taught people a short but tiring dance so that they don’t become obese. I made impact on … [Read more…]

Week 4 – Brain Barf

1. I made good use of my time because I have worked on my exhibition at least 20 mins per night and this made me use my time wisely. Also I have used the check list for week 4 and this also made me finish what I needed and made me more organized. 2. This … [Read more…]