Math Classroom

In class we did our own classroom. The first thing we did is made a list of what we have in our classroom and then measured them. Then we got some squared paper and cut out the objects and placed them were we wanted. Then we sticked them on a piece of paper 8 meters … [Read more…]

Student Led Conference

On the third of May it was Student Led Conference and on this day you show your parents what you do and learn in I.I.C.S. Everyone collected pieces of different work and put them into a folder. When my parents came in the first thing I did is I choose 1 problem solving and made … [Read more…]

Diamond – Poetry

The learning concept was writing a poem. The type of activity poetry writing. When I did this poem I felt like the seasons going by fast and the activities you do in that season. When I wrote this poem I learned how to write a diamond poetry.        Winter     Cold,Frosty Snowing,Freezing,Playing … [Read more…]

Passion place- Fashion

The learning concept was researching and presenting about fashion. The type of activity was Passion Place. I felt happy about this piece because I learned more about fashion by researching. I choose this piece because I wanted to show how knowledgeable I am about my passion. This piece shows me as a learner because of my researching … [Read more…]