R.A.F.T Drama

  I am in the drama group and this is a photo of us acting out a part. I chose this piece to show because we as a group have worked a lot on this project. This piece shows me as a communicator because while doing this project we had to communicate with each other.

Feature Article NGO – Unit

Me Maya and Stijn did a feature article about street animals and how you can help. I choose this to share with you because I really want you to learn how you can help the street animals. We choose this topic because everyday we see a lot of unhealthy, hungry and dirty street animals in … [Read more…]

T.E.D Talk Rubric – Unit 2

  I want to show my unit 2 rubric because while researching about a country and a factor that is making that country inequality and inequity it was challenging to find information. Also I want to show you how I did at this summative assessment task. I think that I did ok with this. While … [Read more…]

Unit 1- Energy Summative

  I want to show you my energy summative test because I worked on it so hard to get the answers correct. I had made some small mistakes but I still think that I did well. I got 39/45 ┬áso thats pretty good. I am a thinker because while doing this assessment I had to … [Read more…]

Fossil Fuels – Unit 1

    I want to show this challenging work that I have done. This piece was challenging because I only had 1 article to find information which was really hard to read. This piece of work shows my hard working and my summarizing skills. I am a thinker because I thinked a lot which words … [Read more…]

Equality and Equity – Unit 2

  I really wanted to show this to you. This piece shows what I thought the words meant before learning about them but now I know what they mean. This piece also shows my thinking without learning what they meant. I am an inquirer because I had a question to answer. I am also a … [Read more…]

Clean Water – Unit 2

  I wanted to show this piece to you because I have worked so hard on it. This piece shows my thinking and also how I can use dot jot notes. Also it shows details of people who don’t have access to clean water. I am a thinker because I was thinking of a world … [Read more…]

Geothermal energy – Unit 1

  I am happy to show my work to you. I have worked a lot to find information because it was really challenging to find good information to answer my question. I have choose this piece of work to show you because I have worked so hard and I thought that it would be interesting … [Read more…]