Feature Article – Language

I choose to share my feature article with you because I want you to learn more about the GBS Foundation and the GBS sickness. I am caring because I am thinking of others and caring for them too. If you want to read my feature article then you can press on the link below this … [Read more…]

Reading Response

  I want to show this reading response because I have learned new words. Also sometimes I use these words in my writing to make it more powerful. These words that I have found from the book that I have read. The book is called The Fault in our Stars. I am a communicator because … [Read more…]

Procedural Writing

I want to show my procedural Writing because I have worked on it so hard. I also had a fun time doing this kind of writing. I have choose to do pancakes because I love to cook pancakes and also to eat. I am knowledgeable because I am showing my knowledge on pancakes and recipes.

Creative writing – Language

  I want you to show my creative writing because it wasn’t that easy to write. First I only had a few sentences for my main paragraph but then I added a lot of details and my feelings/thinkings so it got larger. This piece shows my creativity and my experience on the zipline. This shows … [Read more…]