Ted Talk- Teaching Kids About Food

The main message was kind of his wish “I wish for everyone to create a strong, sustainable movement to educate every child about food, inspire families to cook again, and empower people everywhere to fight obesity.” I think like this because he was talking about obesity and teaching kids about food for the entire TED talk. … [Read more…]

The Economics of Happiness

Questions you have: Why does the government not help local businesses and make them global, but helps global businesses?   -ideas you agree with:   I agree that everyone should be equal because everyone is the same and everyone have rights. I also think that globalization is good and bad. I think it’s good because … [Read more…]

Persuasive Essay #3

In class we started to write 3 persuasive writings our first and second ones were only for practice but are third one was the real one. For my third persuasive writing I choose buying a vending machine. From my first and second to my third  persuasive essay I have change my punctuation- Capital letters, 4 … [Read more…]

Diamond – Poetry

The learning concept was writing a poem. The type of activity poetry writing. When I did this poem I felt like the seasons going by fast and the activities you do in that season. When I wrote this poem I learned how to write a diamond poetry.        Winter     Cold,Frosty Snowing,Freezing,Playing … [Read more…]