Fractions Math Assessment

I want to show you my math assessment because I have a better understanding of fractions. This was a bit challenging for me because of the fraction word problems. I am a thinker because when I┬árechecked my math assessment mostly I had to think where I did a mistake. Down here are some photos of … [Read more…]

Feature Article NGO – Unit

Me Maya and Stijn did a feature article about street animals and how you can help. I choose this to share with you because I really want you to learn how you can help the street animals. We choose this topic because everyday we see a lot of unhealthy, hungry and dirty street animals in … [Read more…]

Feature Article – Language

I choose to share my feature article with you because I want you to learn more about the GBS Foundation and the GBS sickness. I am caring because I am thinking of others and caring for them too. If you want to read my feature article then you can press on the link below this … [Read more…]


I want to show you what my goals are. These are important to me because these will help me when I get older. I choose these goals because these are the things that I want to improve on. I work on my goals so hard to improve. I am a thinker because before deciding my … [Read more…]