Equality and Equity – Unit 2

  I really wanted to show this to you. This piece shows what I thought the words meant before learning about them but now I know what they mean. This piece also shows my thinking without learning what they meant. I am an inquirer because I had a question to answer. I am also a … [Read more…]

Problem Solving – Math

  I am so happy to show you my math problem solving work. This piece shows my math skills and my hard working. It also shows my thinking how to solve the question. I am a thinker because I had thought a lot to solve these questions. I am also balanced because I have sometimes … [Read more…]

Clean Water – Unit 2

  I wanted to show this piece to you because I have worked so hard on it. This piece shows my thinking and also how I can use dot jot notes. Also it shows details of people who don’t have access to clean water. I am a thinker because I was thinking of a world … [Read more…]

Geothermal energy – Unit 1

  I am happy to show my work to you. I have worked a lot to find information because it was really challenging to find good information to answer my question. I have choose this piece of work to show you because I have worked so hard and I thought that it would be interesting … [Read more…]

Creative writing – Language

  I want you to show my creative writing because it wasn’t that easy to write. First I only had a few sentences for my main paragraph but then I added a lot of details and my feelings/thinkings so it got larger. This piece shows my creativity and my experience on the zipline. This shows … [Read more…]

Pie Chart – Math

  I am so proud to show this pie graph because  I have used a website that I never used before so I am a risk-taker. This pie graph shows my week day activities and how I can use a pie graph for my daily life. Inquirer because I have asked a lot of questions … [Read more…]

Persuasive Essay #3

In class we started to write 3 persuasive writings our first and second ones were only for practice but are third one was the real one. For my third persuasive writing I choose buying a vending machine. From my first and second to my third  persuasive essay I have change my punctuation- Capital letters, 4 … [Read more…]