Ted Talk- Teaching Kids About Food

The main message was kind of his wish “I wish for everyone to create a strong, sustainable movement to educate every child about food, inspire families to cook again, and empower people everywhere to fight obesity.” I think like this because he was talking about obesity and teaching kids about food for the entire TED talk.

My take away was how Jaime Oliver talked about how unhealthy food is killing early generations because of what they eat at home and at school. Also the part were he showed the kids a fruit/vegetable and asked “what it was” and they didn’t know so the kids don’t even know what they were actually consuming. Also somewhere at the beginning Jaime Oliver showed a graph telling us “the cause of deaths in the U.S”. There were 4 read bars. Red bars meant “Conditions caused by an unhealthy diet, and obesity”. There were also 11 grey bars. Grey bars meant “leading causes of death for the total population in 2006”.


Finally it affects people not only from the U.S, but everyone because obesity is an international sickness and because of obesity people every year die. Also most schools don’t teach kids about food and kids just eat, but don’t know what they eat and how much they should consume so this causes obesity and other sicknesses which may kill you.

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