The Economics of Happiness

Questions you have:

Why does the government not help local businesses and make them global, but helps global businesses?


-ideas you agree with:


I agree that everyone should be equal because everyone is the same and everyone have rights. I also think that globalization is good and bad. I think it’s good because for example if your country is poor, but is really good in farming then you can sell your goods to earn money. Globalization can also be bad because goods travel one place to another with cars, boats, planes, etc. When these good travel by car the car pollutes which helps global warming and when there is global warming it melts ice which animals live on. So global warming affects the environment.


ideas you disagree with

I don’t really agree with the idea where globalization makes people unhappy because for example if someone lives in Turkey and gets chocolate or sweets from America then the person who got the sweet gets happy because he/she has sweet from all over America. I also think that it’s unfair that the government’s support global but not local because global has already a lot more money than local which makes it harder for the local to grow into global.


-connections you can make

Some people have enough clothes, food, technology, etc, but they want better and more, but like for example Syrian refugees they don’t have enough, but they are trying to get them mostly by working. I am trying to say that if we have enough then we should not want more because there are some people in this world that they can’t find what we already have.


-ideas you find interesting


I really find it interesting that people want more and more and better and better which is ruining our environment and because of them we are running out of resources. I can’t believe that people have enough but they want more.


-comments you have about what we watched today


I think we should be more aware of what we are doing and what might happen next.  

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