X Reflection

During these 6 weeks we had exhibition.


I learned that If you are obese then you have a risk of having health problems like Cardiovascular disease, stroke, colon or breast cancer. I also learned that at 2014 more than 1.9 billion adults who are 18 or older are obese. Obesity can be prevented by exercising and eating healthy. I also learned that people think that genetics, medication, junk/fast food or not exercising causes obesity. The new understanding that I gained is important to me because If someone I know is obese then I would know that he or she could have other health problems. I would also need to know how many people is obese each year because if I do my action I would want to see if I did an impact or not.


My research skill have developed because I just didn’t type on google I went to destiny quest to find more valuable information. Ms.Khory also send all of us a website called padlet for the first week to find an issue. On that website I found my issue obesity and there was a whole long page that writes about obesity. My communication skills have also improved because in this 6 weeks I had to talk to my mentor, my parents and my teachers to get their ideas too. My self management skills have improved because in exhibition you have to be organized and you have to manage your own time. If you are not organized then you might be behind and not meet the deadline and if you can’t manage your own time then you might miss your mentor meeting and if you miss it then its really hard to find a matching time to meet with your mentor because your mentor also has her/his class too.


I did the dance in parts and they started to learn the dance. At the end everybody learned the dance but sometimes they did a mistake which is ok because the dance is new to them. At the end a teacher asked me some questions and I answered them. I had my own speaker but the speaker wasn’t so loud but still it was ok because we could hear the song. Next time I would maybe make a easy but a longer dance because I made a bit hard dance but it was short and people did some mistakes. If I did a long but easy dance then they would have a less chance to do a mistakes. Every week 1 day I could go to the people who joined my action and then practice the dance. I could also check on them every 2 weeks if they have practiced the dance or not. My perspective had changed because I used to think that obese people will stay like that forever and can’t be a normal person but know I know that if obese people exercise or stops eating fast/junk food then they can be a healthy person.


I showed independence because in exhibition I was working on it on my own except for the teacher, mentor and parent meetings which they were telling their own ideas. I was also creative because for 1 week we had to work on our pin board and we had to be creative with our pin boards.  I was also confident because for my mini action and normal action I danced in front of people and most people are not confident and can’t dance in front of people. I am a thinker because I thought about how I could make people exercise but in a fun way and I came up with a small dane activity.


Day x made me a more responsible and organized person. A responsible person because I am responsible to finish my work on time and do things on time. I am an organized person because if I didn’t plan it out then I could have been far behind. Also if you are not organized then you are going to stress a lot. We should have more pin board supplies like glue, scissors, staplers, paper cutter and more colored paper. Also for the day X assembly we should practice it 2 weeks before the actual assembly not 1 week before the assembly. We should also have 30 minutes of mini action and 15 mins of pin board. Also maybe we can start day x after lunch because some people went to lunch early and it was actually the last period of day x.


This is my overall reflection for exhibition.

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