Action Flow – Chart

Action Plan

Student Name: Alexia
Action to be Taken: Make people dance so that they are active/moving/exercising so that they could prevent becoming obese.



What will you learn from this action? (think about T-Skills and how your action will deepen your understanding of the issue)

My communication skills will improve because while dancing I will communicate with people. I will also communicate with them with my body while dancing.

How is your action connected to your issue?

My action is connected with my issue because when you are obese or becoming obese than you have to exercise so that you can be healthy again. After being healthy you should continue to exercise so that you can stop yourself from becoming obese again.

How will your action be sustained? How will you know that you have made an impact?

After doing my action dancing and teaching others a dance I will challenge them to do the dance everyday for 10 – 20 mins and at the end of the week I will check if they have done the challenge. After finishing that challenge I will challenge them to exercise everyday for their rest of their lives. I will check on them every 2 weeks until school ends.



Date(s) of Action 28th april tuesday 2015 – 30th april thursday 2015
Time(s) Snack time
Action Location Theater
Equipment Needed (if any)
  • Laptop (for photos)
  • speakers
  • phone (for the music)
Contact Person (if any) I would need to contact students so that I know if they would want to join.




How will you visually record your evidence? I will take photos of me teaching others some dance movements and also take some videos.
Who will assist you? Myself and my mentor
How will you gather written evidence? At the end of my action I will ask/email them to write me a feedback if they enjoyed my action.
How will you document feedback? Written? Electronic? I will document written feedback.

  • I will send emails to ask them how they think it went and if they enjoyed it.



What concerns do you have at this time? I am concerned about the theater not being free and that people may not come
What or who do you need to help? I would help people have a healthy life and prevent them from becoming obese.


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