Dot Jot Not – 2

Question:  How can people be encouraged to take responsibility for their health and be more active?
Dot Jot Notes:

– British

– Government

– April

– 5 times

– week

– 30 mins – 1 hour

– active

– obese

– funding

– current

– health

– campaigns

– Britain

– company

– equipment

– coupons

– 150 minutes

– heart disease 30%

-diabetes 27%

– breast/colon cancer 21 – 25%

– Physical

– stroke

– hypertension

– depression

At the end of April the British government encouraged people to exercise 5 times per week for at least 30 minutes – 1 hour. The British government is also funding for present health campaigns for a more active live. If you exercise 150 minutes per week then you have a 30% less chance of having a heart disease. You also have  27% less chance to have diabetes and you also have 21% – 25% less chance to have breast and colon cancer. If you do exercise then you also have less chance to have stroke, hypertension and depression. Britain chocolate company sold chocolate bars that had coupons and if you returned the coupon then you would get a free sports equipment. So when you eat a chocolate bar you would take the responsibility of getting a free sports equipment to burn that fat.

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