Week 1 – Brain Barf

1.  I think I made good use of my time because at home I have researched and found some really good issues. At the end of my research I choose to do obesity. I choose to do obesity as my issue because obesity is still a big issue in most of the countries.

2.  Some of the challenges this week were that there were so many current events to choose from and most of them were interesting for me to research but one of the most interesting one was about obesity. Another challenge was for me was to create a really good question for me to answer in 6 weeks which was hard for me to do but with help I think I did that pretty good.

3. Next week I will meet with my mentor which I am excited about because its the first time I am going to meet with her. I will also start my research, ask my friends and ask experts. I will also do what my mentor and what Ms.Khory tells me to do.

4. I was so surprised that there were so many current events that I even thought of. There was some success like choosing my issue and connecting it with my passion dance.

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